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About us

About us

About Us

SPM specializes in the production of anti-decubitus mattresses, positioning cushions, wheelchair cushions, stretcher pads, custom-made home mattress, neck pillows, and isolation pyramids. Since 2004, we have been providing services with our medical and home collections from Izmir to customers worldwide. Our company continuously renews itself with a technology-intensive production line and offers innovative solutions to support customers.

We offer CNC-cut, bedsore preventive, and treatment-contributing patient mattress and all anti-decubitus products in accordance with ISO 9001, CE, and ISO 13485 standards. SPM company is committed to ongoing development and evolving designs, consistently introducing new products.

With high-quality products, fast production, and dedicated support from our qualified staff, we have established our reputation for honesty, communication reliability, and product quality in all circumstances.


Our aim is to fulfill customer requests beyond their expectations, providing comprehensive, timely, and highest quality solutions under the most favorable conditions.

We closely monitor technological innovations and continuously improve our business and production technologies in order to respond to our customers' constantly changing and increasing needs with speed and advanced methods. Our quality policy is based on performing all tasks correctly and error-free, minimizing material, labor, and time waste.

Our company is aware of the necessity to achieve a positive and continuous momentum in the quality line, capturing errors before they occur. This requires the support and participation of all employees.

Therefore, creating an environment where our employees take pride in working for our company is our company principle. Our company is operated in accordance with quality management system standards with the goal of becoming a better company in every aspect.