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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

SPM, pioneering position in the medical device sector, offers a wide range of products ranging from specially designed anti-decubitus foam mattresses for home and hospital use to wheelchair cushions, neck, and positioning pillows. Our company specializes in the design, production, and distribution of specialized products to meet the needs of the healthcare sector.

Our aim is to meet customer demands and medical requirements beyond expectations, comprehensively, timely, under the most favorable conditions, and at the highest level of quality. To provide quick and effective solutions to our customers' constantly changing and increasing needs, we continuously improve our business and production technologies by closely following technological innovations. In line with this, our main principle is to provide the best service to our customers and to be a reliable business partner.

Ensuring high-quality standards in terms of suitability, reliability, and durability is fundamental to our business. At SPM, we shape our understanding of quality with the contributions of all our employees, advancing not only with product quality but also with an approach that encompasses all our business relationships.

At the core of our quality management lies the significant importance of the participation and support of all employees in anticipating, preventing, and continuously improving processes to mitigate errors. Therefore, providing our employees with safe working conditions to perform their jobs proudly is a primary principle of our company.

One of the fundamental elements underpinning our quality management is the anticipation, prevention, and continuous improvement efforts to identify errors, all achieved through the participation and support of all our employees. In this context, the conditions we provide to our employees for them to carry out their work in a safe environment constitute one of the top priorities of our company.

At the core of our quality management, the participation and support of all employees are of great importance for anticipating, preventing, and continuously improving error occurrences. Therefore, creating an environment where our employees can proudly perform their duties is a priority principle of our company. By encouraging and supporting employee participation, we aim to continuously enhance our quality standards and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. In this regard, we prioritize the training and development of our employees and strive to provide elements that enhance their motivation in the workplace.

We respect nature and consider the efficient use of natural resources as the foundation of our environmental policy. Instead of causing environmental pollution, we aim to prevent it, ensure the efficient use of resources, conduct necessary efforts for recycling waste materials to reintegrate them into the environment, educate our employees about waste and recyclable materials, and encourage responsible behavior. We also engage in continuous communication with our suppliers and employees to enhance environmental awareness, and we adhere to these principles with the participation of all our employees to continuously improve our environmental performance.

Since our company operates in the field of medical devices, we fully comply with quality management system standards. These standards serve as important reference points to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of our products.

A. Oğuz Özoğuz
Chief Executive Officer
Mehmet Sait Özoğuz
Chairman of the Board